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Welcome to Herts & North London Hypnotherapy

Hi, I’m Glenda Saward, a full time professional hypnotherapist and behaviour therapist, and I run the Hertfordshire and North London Hypnotherapy centre based at the Cheshunt Chiropractic clinic.

I have made a short video to give you the opportunity to get a quick and easy overview of hypnotherapy and how I can help you resolve whatever issue you may be struggling with at the moment.

As a behaviour therapist I also offer a form of cognitive behaviour therapy  in which I will teach you how to completely change the way you THINK and FEEL about yourself and to alter your internal belief systems to ones of: Health, Happiness and Success.

By using Hypnotherapy or Behaviour Therapy we have been helping people to overcome a wide range of problems such as stopping smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, to overcome fears and phobias such as the fear of flying, test & exam nerves as well as social phobia (the fear of being judged by other people).

We also offer help for emotional problems like panic and anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, confidence issues and sleeping problems.

If you want to lose weight, we offer the world famous Hypno-Band virtual gastric band hypnotherapy weight loss system and are fully approved practitioners.

To read more about the types of problems that can be helped at our clinic, click HERE

I have spent my whole career working with people and my interest in hypnotherapy really began when I developed a fear of flying in my late twenties.

Having been “cured” for good by a hypnotherapist and finding the whole experience actually very enjoyable, I decided to investigate the whole world of Hypnotherapy further and have never looked back!

My website has all the information you will need about the technicalities of hypnotherapy and behaviour therapy but let me just personally assure you that we will work together on a one-to-one basis. I will never judge you and all of our work is in complete confidence.

The clinic has free car parking and is on all the main transport routes and very easy to find.

Please click here to read what the media have said about Glenda and her Hypnoband therapy.

So, please feel free to browse my website and watch the videos and if you would like to come along for a free of charge initial, no obligation, consultation then get in touch with me.

Call Me To Arrange A FREE Initial Consultation on 07710-422271