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Fear of Being Sick

Emetophobia is actually the fifth most common “phobia” in the World.

We have estimated that there are approximately 3,000,000 people suffering from it in the UK alone!

So why have hardly any people heard of it?

It’s what we call a “SECRET PHOBIA” as most sufferers feel so “daft” or “embarrassed” about it that often they will not even tell their spouses about it for several years!

But we’ve got GREAT NEWS, after more than 25 years of working and understanding the problem of literally thousands of sufferers, a definitive way of totally overcoming your fear of being sick is finally available.

We have also carried out the most comprehensive Research Survey that has ever been done on Emetophobia and the results that have been achieved with this very specific technique have been truly remarkable.

84.7% of sufferers found that their Symptoms went from having a severe and significant impact on their daily lives to having “little or no impact” at all, with the remaining 15.3% of sufferers also reporting that their symptoms were still reduced to a “modest” level of impact.

Cure Emetophobia – the Book

By following this specially adapted version of the best-selling Thrive Programme Book by Rob Kelly, you too can make all of the modifications to the way that you think and feel and totally overcome your Emetophobia.

This structured course will help you to understand exactly what it is about the way that YOU see the world  that actually creates the phobia in the first place – that’s right – YOU actually created the Emetophobia and because you created it, you CAN also un-create it!

Learning how to Cure Your Emetophobia and Thriving involves following the course in a structured way with myself over a number of progressive sessions.

Typically, this ranges from around 6 – 10 sessions, depending on (1) the amount of effort you put into the course, and (2) the severity of your Emetophobia in the first place.

What is Emetophobia?

Did you know that Emetophobia has several different names including:

● Fear of Being Sick
● Fear of Vomiting
● Fear of Gagging
● Vomitophobia
● Vomit Phobia
● Globus Hystericus
● Sickness Phobia

Did you also know that it can come in a wide variety of “forms”?

● Fear of Being Sick oneself
● Fear of being sick in public
● Fear of seeing others be sick
● Fear of the sound of someone being sick
● Fear of people laughing at you being sick
● Fear of making a fool of yourself in public

In fact Emetophobia can present itself in a whole host of different ways, but whichever form of Emetophobia you happen to suffer with, this specially developed psychological intervention can help you like it has helped hundreds of sufferers to date.

Curing Emetophobia, the Process

Following the Thrive Programme with me can be challenging and it will challenge many of the things that you believe to be absolutely TRUE (but are in fact YOUR unique perception).

Evidence shows, however, that IF you are prepared to follow the course and put in 100% effort, then you will be able to totally eradicate Emetophobia from your life!

So what’s it like to follow the Thrive Programme?

The Emetophobia course involves:

● A number of diagnostic tools to evaluate your levels of “Self-Esteem”, “Social Anxiety” your sense of “Control” over your life and environment and also the “Severity” of your symptoms
● Lots of “homework” – involving both “practical” as well as “intellectual” exercises
● Recording thoughts & Feelings
● Listening to and evaluating your own “internal dialogue”
● Systematically challenging certain facets of your “belief systems”
● Learning about your particular “personality type”
● Understanding the “thinking styles” that your “personality types” tend to exhibit
● Learning specific psychological tools that enable you to create much more positive “evaluations”

And much, much more!

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