Session Fees for Hypnotherapy in Cheshunt

Initial Consultation

An informal but totally confidential FREE appointment, to discuss your needs.

This consultation takes approximately 30 minutes.,

Note that this type of appointment NOT necessary for my Stopping Smoking sessions

Easy Stop Smoking

If you really want to become a non smoker, you can in less than 120 minutes.

£145 for the one and only session. (Please note that this session is only payable by cash)


Probably the best therapy for emotional and psychological issues A course of CPI takes approx six sessions in entirely private and confidential sessions, held at weekly intervals and lasting one hour.

£60 per session.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

A relaxing,one, two or three session treatment for habits and the best way to prepare for flights, combat exam nerves, driving test nerves and other nerve-wracking situations. It is also excellent as a weight loss boost.

£60 per session.

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

Change your relationship with food forever and take back control of your eating

5 session therapy

£75 per session.


I am happy to accept payment by cash or cheque, please note that the “Easy Stop Smoking” session is only payable by cash.

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