Hypno-band helps to take a weight off your mind

Hypno-band helps to take a weight off your mind

This article was published in the Hertfordshire Mercury all about Glenda and the Hypnoband weight loss system.

JANUARY is usually a month of exercise fads and crash diets, but there is an alternative to surgery or dieting – hypnotism.

Glenda Saward, pictured, a Cheshunt-based consultant hypnotherapist, is offering “hypno-band” treatment, which gives patients a “virtual gastric band”, with five sessions of hypnotherapy helping patients lose weight by feeling that their stomach is smaller and that they want to eat less.

This is not stage hypnotism, but clinical hypnotherapy, designed to affect the unconscious part of the mind.

Glenda, who operates out of Cheshunt Chiropractic Clinic on Albury Ride, said: “Hypnotherapy works with the power of suggestion.

“People are in an altered state of awareness when they are hypnotised, so if positive suggestions are made about what they can achieve then it means they can believe in themselves more.

“Often people have negative suggestions, telling them that they can’t lose weight or stop smoking.

“If they believe in something then they will go about making it happen.”

The hypno-band therapy even includes a session where the patient goes through a virtual operation

Glenda said: “It mimics the real-life operation, and helps them believe the stomach is smaller, and helps them eat smaller courses.

“We even use operating theatre sound effects when we do the session.

“The conscious, intelligent mind knows you haven’t had an operation and have been through hypnosis, but the unconscious mind thinks that it is smaller and needs smaller portions at mealtimes.”

Glenda has had about 50 clients for her hypno-band therapy, and says that all of her clients have lost a good amount of weight, and carried on losing it after the therapy.

It is now her most popular therapy, though she also offers sessions to stop smoking, and for relaxation and confidence-building.

For more information, contact Glenda on 07710 422 271, or email her at glenda.saward@o2.co.uk.

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