Self Esteem and Confidence

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Improve your self esteem and become more confident than ever before!

Having good self esteem and feeling confident about ourselves is fundamental to our day to day and long term happiness

People who lack confidence often report some or all of the following:

  1. Little sense of faith in your own abilities
  2. Consistently suffer from a lack of self esteem
  3. Difficulty holding down relationships
  4. Difficulty holding down a job
  5. Difficulty maintaining family ties
  6. Difficulties talking to people
  7. Preferring to take a back seat, or staying in the background
  8. Finds it hard to ‘join in’
  9. Inability to voice opinions
  10. Afraid of job interviews
  11. Unwilling to go to parties or family gatherings
  12. Feeling unworthy
  13. Feeling judged by others
  14. Feeling self conscious

It might be that you know why you lack confidence or why your self esteem is low.

Perhaps you feel it comes from being criticised as a child, perhaps you have a memory of a traumatic experience of being humiliated in public.

Whatever the reason, and whether or not you think you know the cause of your feelings of low confidence, both hypnotherapy and behaviour therapy can really help you eliminate the negative beliefs you have about yourself.

It will help you to raise and maintain strong self confidence and a positive belief in who you are and what you can achieve.

So, if you’re giving yourself a hard time by inwardly criticising yourself, or if other people – strangers, work colleagues, and even loved ones – seem to constantly knock your confidence or put you down then perhaps it’s about time for change?

There are a number of therapies that can really support you with self esteem and confidence issues:

Suggestion Therapy for Self Esteem & Confidence

Suggestion therapy is “normal” hypnotherapy; it’s what most people [including references in the media] are referring to when they talk of hypnotherapy.

Suggestion therapy is a short period of hypnotherapy treatment, usually requiring one, two or three sessions designed to produce a behavioural change in the person by addressing their symptoms.

It is ideal for dealing with habits such as smoking, nail biting, or overcoming lack of confidence around driving tests, exams, making a speech or speaking in public.

For more details about suggestion therapy please click here

CPI for Self Esteem & Confidence

CPI is a powerful form of therapy which allows the person to release bottled up emotions that they have been carrying around since their childhood.

You may be experiencing some physical symptoms such as IBS, constant tiredness, or feelings of anxiety, stress or maybe you have developed specific fears or phobias, CPI can help with all of these, over 8-12 sessions in a relaxing, calm, non judgemental environment you can release these emotions allowing you to think and feel the way you want to about yourself.

The degree to which these “hidden” emotions will affect an individual’s functioning will vary from person to person.

For more details about CPI please click here

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