Read What Clients Said About Hypnotherapy in Cheshunt

Hi Glenda

“I just wanted to share my news with you that I have now reached my target weight of 7st 12, that is 2 stones and 2 clothes sizes down in just under 6 months.

Thank you so much for giving me the boost I needed to get started”

Many thanks and best wishes


Dear Glenda

“From the first moment, I walked through your door….You made me feel at ease!

Although I was nervous, having tried so many weight loss plans in the past…you name it…I tried it.

You were very easy and re-assuring to talk to.

Through all of our 5 sessions…you listened to me, in particular…my doubts about not being able to visualise my mirror, my table…even my surgeons face.

But you put me at ease..taking the time to explain to me that everyone is different.

Well…here I am, several weeks….still listening to your CD’s…and being able to go into food shops….and not wanting to buy anything sweet and fattening.

Which…to someone like me,who didn’t know what a full up stomach meant….to me, that is a true miracle”

Thank you so very much


Having bitten my nails for 24 years, i was resigned to it being a life long habit.

The Thrive program was recommended by a friend, and i was initially sceptical.

However I gave it a go and it was very successful.

By working through a number of techniques, I realised that there is no such thing as a habit, and that I did have the willpower and belief to make the changes I wanted to make happen.

I would encourage anyone in the same situation to give it a go.