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The Thrive Programme in Cheshunt

I’m Glenda Saward and I am a fully accredited and qualified Thrive Consultant

“Thriving is about flourishing in life, regardless of where you are, what you are doing, what your past experiences were like, what your relationships are like, how much money you have, or what skills you have. It’s about fine-tuning your mind and body, to get the very best from them.”

Is this how YOU feel?

● Are you unhappy but want to feel great?
● Are you on anti depressants and want to be free of pills?
● Are you overweight and dream of being slim and healthy?
● Are you smoking and are sick of being a slave to it?
● Are you struggling with money and just need some more?
● Are you on your own and would you love to be with your perfect partner?
● Are you drinking too much and would prefer to have just one or two?
● Are you on drugs and would prefer to stop?
● Are you happy with your job or would you love a career change?
● Are you out of control and just want to feel back in control?

Well if YOU have answered yes to any of the above questions or if any of them strike a chord with you then this programme is the right programme for you!

Because this is all about YOU, YOU’RE BELIEFS AND YOUR LIFE!

What is The Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme is an incredibly effective multi-session training course that will not only help you to see things in a radically different way, but will also give you the power and knowledge to realise all of your dreams and aspirations.

A best-selling book by Rob Kelly, Training Director of the IAEBP, who uses his unique insight coupled with the collective experience of the IAEBP practitioners to deliver this Life Changing set of principles.

It is a new, ground-breaking, and innovative training programme, which empowers people with the skills, resources, and self-insight necessary to take control of their lives and thrive.

Regardless of your age, where you happen to live, your background, or your upbringing, you can now choose how to live your life.

How was it developed?

Rob Kelly has spent a lifetime analysing what makes people ‘tick’.

His experiences and research have led to a high level of understanding of people’s problems, symptoms, and anxieties.

He has identified links between our belief systems, our different styles of thinking, and the way we respond emotionally to events, and how these responses create many of the problems and symptoms that people want and need help with.

How does it work?

Everything in the programme is fully backed up by clinical experience and research.

Basically, the training involves you really getting to understand:

● What makes you ‘tick’: what personality type you are, what specific ‘thinking styles’ you adopt, what – if any – limiting beliefs you may have
● How much power you have to make changes in your life: how much ‘self-efficacy’ do you have, how much belief do you have in your own skills and resources, how internal is your locus of control
● How the way you think, feel and react to situations has a profound effect upon how you experience life
● How superstitions, magical, and fate, luck and chance type beliefs effect your life
● How the three Primary Limiting Beliefs decide how you are going to lead your life
● How YOU create anxiety, stress, fears and phobias – and how to get rid of them
● How your emotions and your thinking effect your immune system, and your ability to stay healthy
● How your desire for control means you avoid many situations in life, and actually create more anxiety
● How your self-esteem can be changed in just two weeks, and the huge knock-on effect this will have
● A true understanding of just how our mind and bodies interact to produce symptoms, and how we can change them
● How different this programme is to any other, and why this one works while others fail
● How you can overcome just about any situation in life, and Thrive

Who is suitable for Thrive?

Anyone, of any age, living anywhere.

Pensioners, adults, teenagers, and children have all used this programme to change their lives.

Check out our testimonials page to see what other have to say about it. If your children can’t read yet, or your grandparents can’t read anymore, then you go through the programme and teach it to them.

It doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, if you are THRIVING, then you will be making the absolute most of every minute of it.

How can the Thrive Programme improve my life?

Basically, whether you are fit or unfit, well or unwell, happy or unhappy, healthy or unhealthy, the way you think and what you believe have a profound influence over the rest of your body.

Yes, you can use this programme to overcome fears, phobias and anxieties, but it can help with much more than that.

Here are some of the problems/symptoms/situations that people have already used this programme with, to great effect:

(Note: these are situations and symptoms taken from testimonials that people have already provided on the main Thrive Website)

● Overcoming ME/Post Viral Fatigue/Chronic Fatigue
● Helping to fight Cancer/staying strong and positive during Cancer
● Stopping smoking, staying a non-smoker (92.5% success in recent research project)
● Resolving relationship issues – in families, marriages, and friends
● Getting over alcoholism, either by stopping drinking, or drinking in moderation
● Unexplained infertility
● Chronic anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, fears, stress
● Emetophobia – huge fear of being sick
● Obsessions, obsessional thoughts, intrusive thoughts
● Obesity, dieting, losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight
● Anorexia Nervosa, bulimia, body dysmorphia, other eating disorders
● Getting fit, getting happy, getting into a relationship, enjoying sex
● Vaginismus, premature ejaculation, frigidity, low sex drive, dislike of sex
● Getting a job, keeping a job, interview skills, confidence skills
● Building self-esteem, maintaining high self-esteem
● Climbing Everest, running a marathon, winning a martial-arts tournament, learning to play tennis, learning to swim, travelling the world, international flying competitions…
● Just being happy and enjoying life
● Kids: school phobias, bed-wetting, night-tremors, not eating, eating too much, separation anxiety, nail-biting, shyness, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, lack of confidence, hysterical symptoms, poor school work, poor academic performance, laziness, sibling rivalry..
● Not sleeping properly for 40 years, poor sleep, bad dreams, hyper-vigilance, insomnia, night-brooding, nightmares
● Getting the most and the best out of every day of your life
● Basically, just about any situation in life you might find yourself in

Thrive Testimonial

Having bitten my nails for 24 years, i was resigned to it being a life long habit.

The Thrive program was recommended by a friend, and i was initially sceptical.

However I gave it a go and it was very successful.

By working through a number of techniques, I realised that there is no such thing as a habit, and that I did have the willpower and belief to make the changes I wanted to make happen.

I would encourage anyone in the same situation to give it a go.

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